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So you've just brought a Vacation home in Central Florida. And you've already organized a management company. But now what? It's a well-known fact, your home is not perfect... yet. FL Construction has been working with Vacation Home/Villa Owners in Central Florida for the last 6 years. When it comes to new builds, we know that even after the final walkthrough your house still will not be perfect for you. Lacking a certain personalization, maybe a closet door is in the wrong location? What about if you've just brought an older home? We can help you there too.


We at FL Construction work closely with a number of management companies, specializing in the needs and wants of Vacation Home Owners here in central Florida. Pick from the list of services below to learn more about what we can do for you and how it will help improve your home.



From Installing Tile or Wooden floors to give your home a more natural feel, or tiniting your windows to give that added mesaure of privacy as well as blocking out the suns rays and even installing Radiant Barriers in the attic to keep the heat out in the summer, we at FL Construction even do bespoke alterations to ensure that you, the customer, is beyond satisfied with our work.


  • Tile and Wooden Floor Installation

  • Interior Painting and Staining

  • Window Tinting

  • Wall and Ceiling Texturing

  • Bathroom Remodels

  • Kitchen Remodels

  • Door Lock Exchange

  • Internal Door Repairs, Exchanges and Hardware Exchange

  • Garage Conversions (Game Rooms, Dens, Bedrooms etc...)

  • Radiant Barrier Installations

  • Bespoke Remodeling and Alterations



After sitting in the Florida sunshine, houses begin to look faded and worn. Not to mention the dirt and mold growth during the rain season. We can go to your home, power wash it and repaint it to provide your home with protection for years to come. Sometimes you may want a jacuzzi installing, we can even extend your pool deck and cage to provide you with even more outdoor living space.


  • Pressure Washing the Exterior of the Building

  • Exterior Painting and Staining

  • Gutter Installation and Clean out

  • Pool Deck Texturing and Recoating

  • Concrete Repairs, Installation and Recoating

  • Privacy Fence Installation

  • Garden Transformations

  • Outdoor Structures

  • Pool Cage Additions

  • Wood and Composite Deck Installation



(Handled by Licensed Electricians)

Often in vacation homes, there are not enough outlets, at least not where you want them. We are able to install new outlets where you want. For our English clients, we can even install 240v outlets so that they or their renters will be able to use electrical items from home. A 240v outlet is also useful to unstiall the Mini - Air Conditioning units that you will most likely want us to install after we finish remodeling your games room.


  • Landscape Lighting

  • Fan and Light Fixture Installation and Replacement

  • Full House System Check

  • Installation of Extra Outlets, Lights and Switches

  • Installation of 240 volt Outlets

  • Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

  • Mood Lighting

  • Mini Air Conditioning Units (for Garages and Game Rooms etc)




Disability Access

Less than 1% of Vacation Homes in Florida air disabled friendly. Around 20% of the population are disabled to some degree. FL Construction can install wheel chair ramps, wet rooms and even Pool and Spa Lifts and chairs. Become one of the 1% that are able to rent to the 20%.


  • Disabled Friendly Remodeling

  • Wheel Chair Ramps

  • Grab Bars

  • Wet Rooms

  • Internal Door Alterations

  • Pool and Spa Access Lifts and Chairs


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