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FL Construction is a Turn-Key provider for construction services for property investors.


FL Construction is ready to provide you with an effective plan that will minimize your rehab expenses, allowing you to maximize the return on your investment property.


Instead of you having to manage hiring plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors or any of the other various sub contractors needed to rehab your property, FL Construction allows you to hire just one contractor and be sure that all jobs are going to be completed to the highest standard.


With an emphasis on saving you money by only completing work that would be required to get your house back on the market in a timely manner and maximizing your profits, FL Construction is committed to helping you succeed.



Every Property Investor knows that their power team is central to their plan to being successful. We an fulfill both the role of contractor and project manager within your power team. FL Construction has years of experience renovating and rehabbing properties to make them ready for sale or rental.


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