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Outdoor Construction


Outdoor living spaces need outdoor structures, whether a pergola to escape the sun's rays and provide shade or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining guests, or a fence for privacy and security.


Sometimes outdoor structures are mainly for function rather than entertainment. Adding a sidewalk can make navigating your yard easier, and our custom fit garbage enclosures can keep those cans out of site while making it easier to get them to the curb.


The specialists at FL Construction will be able to meet your needs.


Landscaping doesn't just stop at lawn care and irrigation. FL Construction can help you transform your yard in to a Jungle Wonderland where you can relax in peace and quiet.


The installation of pavered areas or carefully placed vegetation can help define areas of your yard, giving both the kids and adults seperate areas to play.



From Pressure Washing to window cleaning and painting, FL Construction believes first impressions count, so give your home or business the Curb Appeal it deserves. Don't forget fencing and irrigation too.


FL Construction can also help in dangerous tree removal/trimming prior to Floridas yearly storm season. Take care of those hanging limbs before you find a need to call us to repair storm damage caused to your home by errant tree limbs.



Outdoors & Landscaping


With roots embedded in the Central Florida area, FL Construction provides you with the opportunity to expand your living space's to extend beyond the 4 walls of the everyday life.

Florida enjoys an average of 265 days of sunshine per year! It's time to step outside and see what the world has to offer, starting in your very own backyard.


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