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Disability Access


According to government statistics* 1 in 5 adult Floridians suffers from some sort of disability or handicap, yet no major home builder offers the opportunity to make a new home "disabled friendly". Even general contractors and remodelers scratch their heads when asked to convert an existing home for easier access or disabled-friendly living.

Remodelling for Accessibility

FL Construction is an experienced disabled-friendly remodeler. Our highly trained and motivated staff understands how simple changes to a home can enrich the quality of life for a person with limited mobility.



Future-proofing a home for advanced years is also on the minds of many people who like their independence and are concerned about nursing homes or retirement communities. Most would like to keep their independence for as long as possible in their own homes, but advancing years limit mobility and flexibility.Small, but simple changes can make a vast difference to the quality of life for the aged, increasing their freedom and reducing the dependence on seeking help from family, friends and relatives.

FL Construction is dedicated to helping make affordable changes to your home to allow you that extra independence.











* source: CDC - Disability and Health State Chartbook - 2006 - State Profiles - Florida


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